Soten One Fake Train

MOLOTOW™ Train – Graffiti Artist SOTEN is back – 10 Years later

The MOLOTOW Train project started 10 years ago. The very first pretend wholecar was the “Nothing Beats The Classic” painted by danish graffiti artist SOTEN back in 2010 to coincide with the launch of SOTEN’s Artist Color “SOTEN LIGHT BLUE”. SOTEN has since travelled the world, painted hundreds of pieces, developed his style and moved to New York City to make a living there. By following the danish artist from Copenhagen we were more than curious to learn about his latest experience and development in terms of personality and of course his artist career and new ways of painting. SOTEN talks in the video about the pieces, artworks, new ways of painting, inspiration, New York, the past and the future.

This video also features MADC. Follow both artists here: @SOTEN  & @MADC_O1

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