SOFLES | VAPOUR (Full Length Real Time Version)

This video shows the full (1 hour and 40 minutes) of painting a graffiti piece. This piece uses techniques that build organic textures, smokey/cloudy effects as well as showing the importance of highlights. Edit by OBLVS Sprays from @Ironlak Music – Runner – Falls TN Prodigy – Yung Koolade The Hallows – Yung Koolade The devil on my shoulder – Yung Koolade Voices – Yung Koolade Juggin – AlterEgo Dark times – Falls The Crystal – Yung Koolade Deep out – Sam Barsh To the top – Simple Thieves Bank Teller – Tru Genesis Hunter – Falls XO – AlterEgo Peripheral – Falls All the way up – AlterEgo Button Snakeroot – Isaac Joel Henny – AlterEgo Sahara – AlterEgo Set – AlterEgo Modularity – Fairlight Projector – Falls R Naught – Kevin Graham Bowsers Castle – Mikey Geiger #Graffiti #Art #Painting

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