018 Your Favourite Artists’ Favourite Artists: ZARIM

Hello my name is Zarim Street LKS RUA crew .I’ve been doing graffiti since 2007.I live in the north of Thailand. I was influenced by graffiti from magazines 20 years ago and to this day. Then I started to get into graffiti. and started doing it at that time

Trav MSK

You are an influential writer that I have always followed. From the past to the present. You are a great writer.I was impressed by his amazing graffiti style.


kems when I think of this guy. You are the inspiration for me to want to paint. You are the best graffiti writer. The colors and styles of his work are outstanding. I really like each wall and place..

Sofles TMD

Sofles is one of the best writers. I see you in magazines and many more. He has such a unique and crazy style. I was very impressed to see his work.

Follow ZARIM on Instagram @zarim_street

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