Ironlak Fluid Acrylic Water-Based Paint


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Ironlak Fluid is a multi-purpose, water based acrylic paint designed to both complement your day-to-day creative practice, as well as offer its own unique characteristics. The highly pigmented, viscous paint is incredibly versatile – so you can use it whichever way you see fit. Dilute it with water for use in airbrush systems, apply to a surface via brush, add it to Ironlak markers, or use the Easy-Pour spout to apply directly to a surface for dynamic free-flowing linework – the choice is yours. Fluid paint is an artist-grade acrylic that offers unrivalled coverage, unimpeded flow, and total UV resistance, so no matter how you use it – it’s there to stay!

Superior Coverage – We’ve got you covered

Ironlak Fluid is designed to be a free-flowing acrylic that’s perfect for manipulation once applied to a surface. Although the paint retains elasticity while wet, and flows like water, it still highly opaque. Ironlak’s proprietary paint formula marries a special resin blend with milled pigment particles, to create a medium that’s malleable while still offering fantastic coverage. You can pour paint directly onto your chosen canvas – or partner it with a delivery device like Ironlak’s Pump Action or Oozie Marker ranges. Fluids can also be thinned with water for greater translucency – allowing you to create dynamic colour washes with ease – or even for delivery via an airbrush system.

Mix For Custom Colours – Unlimited colours, unlimited options

The Ironlak Fluid line is available in a host of colours that are drawn from the Lak by Ironlak spray paint range, giving you a vast array of options to build from that are fully compatible with other heavy body acrylic products. Create custom shades by diluting with water and applying via brush, or combine Fluid tones for completely unique colours that you can use in your work. The water-based system has the added advantage of reducing odours traditionally associated with oil based paints, and lends itself to easier wash-up – so you can spend more time creating, and less cleaning.

Easy-Pour Spout – One spout, one thousand uses

Ironlak’s Fluid range comes equipped with a specially designed Easy-Pour spout for mess-free application. The design allows you to easily refill paint markers like the Ironlak Pump Action and Oozie products, greatly increasing their creative lifespan. The Easy-Pour also lends itself to direct applications of acrylic, creating dynamic linework that will add personal character to your artwork. Squirt from the bottle onto a vertical surface for free-flowing drips, or apply to horizontal surface and manipulate by hand or brush for textural effects. Experimentation is the name of the game, and the Ironlak Fluid range is the star player.

UV Resistant – We’re here to stay

The water based acrylic used in Fluid is packing some serious staying power. Our milled pigment formula is engineered to be both opaque and permanent on a multitude of surfaces. Apply it to wood, concrete, canvas, paper, metal or anything else you can think of – and rest assured that it’ll be there for many years to come. Additionally, the resin binder will create a film once dry that helps to protect from damaging UV rays – suitable for outdoor applications or studio artwork that will receive prolonged periods of direct light.

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Swiss, Cuppa, Irwin, Fraser, Pineapple Park, Sorbet, Eureka, Bowen, Volcano, Afterburn, Halloween, Black Red, True Red, Autumn, Delicious, Potion, Flirt, Moberry, Sushi Bright Purple, Purple Reign, Eggplant, Violence Violet, Magic, Atmosphere, Torquay, Smurf, True Royal Blue, Midnight, Yankee, Atlantic, Chicago, Electro, Lightning, Reef Green, Hunter, Frazetta, Iceberg Light Turquoise, Placid, Jarnte, Whizbang, Sublime Light Green, Cameleon, Huey, Froggy, Nitro, Melbourne / Grey, Battleship, Washington, Fluoro Green, Fluoro Orange, Fluoro Pink, Gold [Metallic], Chrome [Metallic], Copper, Green Shimmer, Blue Shimmer, Purple Shimmer, Red Shimmer, Empty (Fill with your own paint or ink)

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