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SPRAYISM was founded in 2020 by Jim Peebles on the back of a lifelong love of spray painted art. 

Jim has been an active participant, quietly connecting dots in the background of the global spray painting scene for over 25 years, notable for being the namesake “Iron” of Ironlak. 

While artists have battled for fame on coveted surfaces of all kinds, Jim’s name has been on every iconic Ironlak spray can since 2002.

SPRAYISM specialise in the design, development and management of websites and online stores for local and international businesses and brands. 

SPRAYISM is the official Australian distributor for Ironlak art products and the international fulfilment provider for ironlak.com

We are tightly connected with artists and experts across the globe and can facilitate a range of projects including.

  • All forms of web design from sleek and simple through to highly complex
  • Online store development for stores of all sizes and types
  • Brand representation and distribution
  • Social media management, online strategy & advanced digital advertising
  • Brand and artist collaborations
  • Artist commissions
  • Street art & graffiti mural painting
  • Spray paint art classes, workshops, activations & corporate events

We are leaders in our space. We take pride in flawless execution and ensure on time delivery.

If you have a project related to any of the above specialisations then we are the first people to talk to. Hit the link, get in touch, and we will be happy to assist.


SPRAYISM HQ is located on the Gold Coast, Australia. Warehouse visits can be arranged by appointment.


Some art products available on our site and in store are regulated with sales restrictions by local authorities. We comply with all laws and regulations associated with the supply of these products.


We do not condone or endorse illegal activities. Content on our site and associated channels features as part of our editorial commitment to showcasing a diverse range of creative expression. All images have been sourced from public media services. We have not been involved in the filming, production, or activities shown.

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