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Painting graffiti since I was 11 years old, being introduced to it through a classmate in primary school who’s brother was in the illustrious 2c crew in Brisbane. I fell in love with the culture immediately, and have continued to peruse it throughout my life over the last 25 odd years. I’ve chased it all from live trains, freights and streets the world over. In recent years I’ve settled to focus on tattooing and life pursuits but my love for graffiti will never die.


What can I say about Basix… he’s not only one of the most technically talented writers out there, but also one of the nicest humans on the planet. From his meticulous freights, that almost look airbrushed to his insanely detailed production walls, the man can literally do it all and with a style unmatched.


One of the first writers I payed attention to growing up, after seeing his feature in a hip hop magazine called Stealth. Snarl can paint flawless ‘Sydney Style’ letters, but in recent years has been creating a totally unique take on 3d and bio/organic styles. Another Mr.Niceguy of Australian graffiti and a certified living legend.


Another Australian graffiti hall of famer. One of the most stylish writers on the globe in my opinion. His pieces always look effortlessly flash and his characters are soo spot on everytime. An early proponent of the Sydney take on classic New York style graffiti. He’s mastered the Sydney Style and taken it to New York where he lives now and throws down with some of the best to ever do it. Definitely one of my biggest inspirations and someone I look up to immensely.

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