029 Your Favourite Artists’ Favourite Artists: BOWS

My name is Bows from Bangkok, Thailand. Crew is Zincnitecrew from Singapore and DOD
Brothers crew from Thailand, I started graffiti in 2000. So a style I always like Lettering I try to
make my name with letters to better and sometimes I add some my character comic.


I really like his work. I’ve been following him since digital art and until the wall. His work has a
unique front and bright, free-style colors.


I like his lettering and characters , super nice and looks old school style, He often used the colors like his unique , like yellow bright He also good technique too.


Nick he is one of my friend from Jogjakarta, Indonesia and one of my favorite. He always
technically with styles and with colors, his lettering so difficult to design ( for me ) I really like his
arts his pieces.


He painted on the wall so superb his style very awesome, the colours his used so interesting, he
is my Indonesia too , He’s dope !


Rune he is nice lettering and clean style, abit effect around the piece but look overall so nicely,
The colors some piece he used not much but tone control colors, He s one of my favorite from
Jogjakarta, Indonesia

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