Ironlak exists to help artists enhance the world through their creativity. The dream began in 2002 when a young Sydney-based graffiti artist was struggling to find the right tools to satisfy his appetite for creating work – without hurting his wallet.

When the original Ironlak cans hit the streets in 2004, the price of artist’s spray paint was cut dramatically, and Australia’s first aerosol-art paint brand was born. By giving artists to access to affordable, quality materials that were designed specifically for them, Ironlak helped to elevate the culture and quality of the art form in Australia

Supporting and working with artists has played a central role in developing the Ironlak community. An attitude focused on constant improvement – driven by feedback – has seen the product enhanced many times over the years. The Ironlak Team was formed early on, with five dedicated young painters putting their collective creative clout behind the brand. As aliances formed and skills flourished, the roster of supported artists grew with Ironlak now partnering with creatives right across the globe.

Word spread to places far across the Pacific Ocean – and beyond. International retailers came knocking, and soon Ironlak cans were sprayed around the Earth. The need to service a global market, alongside frustration with the lack of control over the production process, led to the establishment of an Ironlak-owned central production facility in China.

Today, Ironlak has evolved – alongside its community – to offer an extensive range of supplies for all creative people.

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