004 Your Favourite Artists’ Favourite Artists: OUCH


Hi I’m Ouch and I’ve been doing graffiti since 2001. I grew up in southern Sydney suburbia in an area with an abundance of train yards, back jumps and trackside walls that really made it so easy for graffiti to turn from an interest into an obsession. 

I’ve always had an eye for the obscure, and was heavily influenced by the European train painters I saw in early Stylefile magazines. And to this to this day I’m still sourcing my inspiration from these more fun styles, effects and letter structures.


His use of shapes to structure his letters is so simple but effective. It’s definitely crept into my own work in recent years


Straight, well proportioned letters with nice connections – what’s not to like


I love his letters, although they couldn’t be further from my own style. Has been a motivation for easy, well structure fills and the colour schemes never miss


Dunno how to describe it other than funky sign writing. Always has so much fun packed into every wall. Colours are always on point.


Every now and again I try to make my letters as weird as I can, this guy would be the inspiration. An awesome style that he has mastered. Weird is good.

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