009 Your Favourite Artists’ Favourite Artists: GATOR


Yooo, I write Gator and I’m from Byron bay. I’ve lived here for more than 30 years and growing up in this area I never had many walls or much to paint besides a few highway spots and a couple of local legal walls because the area is such a small place and has no trains. I grew up pretty much being inspired by the ironlak team and other goldy coast writers.


He was one I looked up to from the get-go as he was up around my local and it’s where I would buy my paint most of the time and he’s just an all-round legend. Plus his colors and pieces are insane.


 I always liked his letters so I think his style definitely impacted my own. 


There were always sofles pieces in Byron when I was coming up so seeing someone so diverse in style and colors was big inspo. The man can do anything from dope throwys to massive murals and he shed a lot of that in Byron back in the day. 


 Saw a lot of his pieces lurking in local old train tunnels back in the day from early 2000’s. His stuff definitely rubbed off on me.

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