008 Your Favourite Artists’ Favourite Artists: TUKE

Tuke has been chosen for this week’s “Your Favourite Artists Favourite Artists” series. Tuke has an extremely well-balanced letter structure that is a mixture of simple chunky letters with a hint of technical sharpness. His color schemes always make use of beautiful fades and big 3Ds to really pop things off the wall. Check him out! – Overt


Yoooo thanks for having me… I’m tuke! I started doing graff in 1991 when I moved to Denver, Colorado. I’ve been painting large-scale murals and graff productions ever since. So my taste generally goes towards people that emulate the same qualities of being well rounded and able to adapt yet still have a foot firmly grounded in graff style and or letter structure. So while this is a hard list to make as there are so many talented people out there.. without further a dew here’s my picks for favorite writers:


Bacon has always had a beautiful style. His letters have a certain funk that just screams good graff.. but beyond that his color choices, mural work, and can techniques are out of this world. I love the way he paints and his general energy.


This guy is brilliant.. always has a beautiful flow. Easily bounces from more 3d styles (yet still has good letter style) to flat and does amazing backgrounds and characters all with super funky graff style. Always advanced and trend-setting.


I’ve been mesmerized by this guy’s work since I first encountered it. Always great letter structure, color use that’s off the chart, and character and environment building like no other. Every piece seems to have loads of detail packed in and is always flawless.


Once again a color scientist.. I’ve been admiring this man’s approach since first seeing it, he manages to make the most simple color schemes pop so hard by taking a less is more approach. His murals are beautiful and his graff is phenomenal.. def in his own lane. 


 I may be a little jaded on this one as we’re crew and I know how much of a wonderful person this guy is however if you witness this guy in action you’ll know why. Scribe has his own world of creations.. (in fact recently put out yet another book) he can seem to pull any random idea out of thin air and paint it in a style I can only compare to something akin to the Disney world. He has a great sense of humor and I’ve never seen someone paint so efficiently. 

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