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Asmoe is this weeks feature for the YFAFA series. Putting Malaysia on the map for graffiti in the international scene, Asmoe is definitely one of the top style writers in Asia. He posses an extremely solid letter structure that he has expanded on in multiple different styles. A true indicator of a good writer is someone who can come correct with only 2 colors, Asmoe is a champion of this, with his work primarily focusing on extremely minimalistic color palettes. Its also hard to miss him when you travel through Kuala Lumpur, as his spots are prominent and all over the city. There’s really no need for an introduction as if you’re not following this dude, you’ve been living under a rock! – Overt


Storm has been undeniably my favorite artist since I first started writing graffiti myself. I first recognized his body of work back in the days when Ironlak was being represented by tons of elite writers from all over the world. I can clearly remember being super excited to possess an Ironlak writer team poster, displaying all their members, such as Askew, Vans the Omega, Augor, Ewok, & Storm himself. To be honest, it’s pretty hard for us Malaysians to get all these publication materials, especially when you’re in Southeast Asia. It was such a precious moment for me.

Storm’s style of writing inspires me to a whole other level. What hooked me the most was the energy of each piece that he tried to inject within. Powerful flow is constructed to enhance the movement of the overall form, thus creating a concrete statement and strong identity. His pieces are always stretched horizontally, maximizing the available space while maintaining the minimal style-writing format. I’m thrilled and amazed to see his evolution over the years. It makes me want to elevate myself further, beyond my boundaries.


When it comes to style-writing composition and lettering structure, my crewmate, Mites is my all-time favorite. I remember when I first met him in Kuala Lumpur, back in 2014. I was amazed to see how much thought was invested by him in producing a perfect lettering set. His attention to every angle of his style is ridiculously intricate. Indirectly, his discipline and process have taught me to never satisfied with my final form as it can always be improved and enhanced in so many ways. In addition, his lettering’s line weight is extremely clean & clear. Mites knows exactly the part that needs to be emphasized and which part that can be left untouched, hence creating a thorough hierarchy.

I painted with him several times when he visited Malaysia few years back. It was a really great time. Hoping for more paint session in the future, perhaps in France! And I am super grateful to be part of Sandal Vandals Crew alongside all the legends such as Reso, Jules, Dashe, Sarim, Siek27, Nestwo, and many more. It was truly an honor.


I first discovered Geser when I was casually browsing graffiti videos on YouTube back then, during my college days. It was a Molotow Train video, where he was interviewed and painted top-to-bottom train. To be frank, sometimes I still watch the video, in fact, it was last week. In the video, he highlighted some of the best key elements especially his style’s preference (wide & stretched), color scheme & space integration. His ability to switch from simple to complex wild style always amazed me.

When it comes to persistence & consistency, I will always and always look up to Geser. His endless effort in writing graffiti is undefeated. I believe he inspired a lot of people from all around the world. Not to mention the spot he painted. They are extremely crazy. Most of them are raw, abandoned walls which are my favorite wall typology of all time. And one more thing, he first started writing graffiti in 1993. I was born in 1993. It’s just so crazy when I think about it. Because even though our generational gap is quite large, he is nothing but super nice and friendly to me. It is an honor to be connected to him through social media and I hope one day our paths will be crossed so we can paint side by side. I am so lucky to witness such a great living legend, and this is me showing my respect where it’s due. Shout out to Geser!


When I first met Dater, it was back in 2018, Step in The Arena Graffiti Festival in Eindhoven, Netherlands. He is a really humble man, super friendly, with a crazy skill on the wall. I am so grateful to have met him again last year at XStatic Festival, in Croatia. We shared some great moments during the trip, together with Boogie, Searok, Senk, Randy, Medas, Zensur, Pork, Honey, and many more. Nothing but blessings and gratitude.

My favorite part of all of his work is his precision and clarity in his craft. The amount of attention that is being invested to achieve such details is just crazy. One of the best can controls I’ve seen so far in the game, always on point. In addition, his color scheme & color theory are really well-driven. I can see that he got a great taste when it comes to mixing the colors, which is really inspirational to me. And of course, his style is full of energetic funk movement that brings out the colors even more. They were beautifully amalgamated together to reach a harmony and sound form. I am so lucky to see his work, live. It’s even better compared to what you see on your phone. Top notch!


Kems is definitely in my top list. The consistency, the chrome, the rawness, the boldness, the simplicity, the statement. They are just out of this world. No words can describe how much I love to see his work. Over the years, Kems’s consistency has made me want to paint more and more. I remembered there was a time when I doubted myself, questioning the purpose of graffiti in my life, and during that moment, I was in a rock bottom myself. But when I saw his constant dedication towards his craft and the endless chrome session, it somehow gave me a reason to pick up my cans and start painting again. Kems & Geser are the ones who subconsciously lift my spirit. Nothing but love and respect for both of them. Truly inspirational.

Kems’s bold style of writing with intricate detailing is undefeated. Big chrome letters with consistent outlines and huge volume are most definitely my favorite. The raw and virgin surfaces that he painted most of the time are just cherry on top. Not to mention his capabilities in burning the others when it comes to full colored pieces. His choice of scheme always surprises me in so many way, Simplicity & elegance at the highest level.

I hope one day I will be able to travel to the States and paint him & Geser.

Follow ASMOE on instagram @asmoeroc

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