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Crude has been selected for this weeks YFAFA. Coming from Bangkok city, Crude is a local Thai writer that has been writing graffiti for a while, but most recently in the past few years has made Insane progress and is producing very awesome work. Executing full-fledged and elaborate productions in the streets of Bangkok, Crude is definitely one of many Thai writers that is really pushing the envelope of quality in their country. If you’re ever in the land of smiles be sure to keep your eyes peeled for his work. – Overt


My name is CRUDE. I started writing in 2007 in Bangkok when I was young. I became interested graffiti by seeing all the tags on the phone booths, bus lines, and all the graffiti walls on Onnut road. My inspiration is the street. That feeling when you see other peoples’ tags, I want others to see mine as well, so I started and never will stop writing all over Bangkok.

I like tagging all over the city, but I also focus on piecing at the same time, with strong and moving letters. I love filling in with bright colors to make it people read it and check the details. I love the activity itself of painting and outlining is a process I can do all day. I love it.


Alive is definitely my favourite. I like his style. Flowy and funky. His work always fascinates me.


He creates works with crazy elaborate elements, it’s a really cool style. His works always gives my brain something new to try and understand.


I like his use of really big 3ds, that he pairs with a great style of sharp lettering. It’s very aggressive, looks like a shark! 


Such a classic piecing style, not only that his hands are also very good. Always a very strong performance from him. His work is just so fucking clean.

Follow CRUDE on instagram @crudeone_

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