Ironlak Strikers Alcohol Based Graphic Markers – Brush Tip Sets with Canvas Case


When Inspiration Strikes.

Every great creative idea starts with the same thing – a sketch. Ironlak Strikers are the perfect tool to assist making your creative vision a reality. Available in two twin forms – with either a broad and fine tip, or a brush and fine tip – the only limit to mark making is your inspiration. Strikers are a high quality graphic marker available in 160 shades, and their alcohol based ink is perfect for layering and blending on paper. From sketching skin tones, to popping full colour blackbook pieces – the markers are designed to bring creativity to life. Strikers are available both individually and in sets of 20 with a bonus carry case, so you don’t have to let travel impede your vision. Sketch tattoo flash while you wait for the train, layout design blueprints at the bar, or customise cards from the office. Whenever inspiration strikes, you’ll be ready.

High Performance Graphic Marker – Make your mark.

Strikers are a high quality marker designed specifically for illustration and design – these markers are engineered for creativity in every sense. From the ergonomic triangular barrel that reduces fatigue on your hand over long drawing sessions, to the alcohol based ink that minimises wear and tear on paper when compared to water based markers. Strikers’ ink and tips are manufactured in Japan to precise quality and consistency standards. While our fine, broad, and brush range of tips means that you can create the perfect line no matter the application – from precise outlines, to swathes of perfectly blended colour. Whether you’re a graphic designer, recreational illustrator, or an aspiring artist – Strikers are the tools that will assist you on your creative journey. The Striker range is also fully compatible with existing airbrush systems.

Alcohol Based Dye Ink – Juicy ink gets your ideas flowing.

Ironlak Strikers utilise quality Japanese manufactured alcohol based dye inks that evaporate quickly when applied to a surface, resulting in optimum performance and less wear stress on paper. Additionally, alcohol based inks lend themselves better to rendering and layering. With Strikers, you can create rich textures of tone and shade by blending colours. From gradients of green to fields of blue – Strikers make illustration a pleasure. The markers capillary system affords effortless ink flow, so you can fill large areas of paper with speed and confidence. Bold outlines are a breeze thanks to our fine tip, and Strikers are fully compatible with our precise water based products for smaller details, highlights and bleed-free linework. For bleed free results use with Ironlak bleedproof paper.

Strokes of genius – Two Tips – Broad (8mm) & Fine (1mm), or Brush (4mm) & Fine (1mm)

We offer Striker markers in two twin tip iterations – one with a broad 8mm tip and a fine 1mm tip, and the other with a 4mm brush tip and a fine 1mm tip. Each of these options is designed for optimum performance when used for a specific purpose. Fill and blend colours effortlessly with the broad – outline and detail with the fine, and flex your calligraphic skills with the brush. All Strikers tips are made in Japan from moulded nylon fibres, so they’ll stay juicy and keep flowing, allowing you to make your mark with confidence.

Vibrant Colour – Endless options. Endless opportunities.

The Ironlak Strikers are available in a staggering 160 colours, meaning that there’s no limits to what you can create. From the blindingly bright primary colours of traditional tattoo flash, to the muted earth tones of an autumnal scene – Strikers will help you conjure your inspiration into reality. If you’re after a more DIY approach, pick up a colourless blender (sold separately) and simply create your own hues by diluting and blending existing colours. There’s no limit to what you can achieve.

Comfortable Tri-grip Barrel – Sketch without stress

Creativity takes time – that’s why the Strikers are designed for comfort over extended drawing sessions. The ergonomic triangular barrel sits comfortably in your palm, and reduces stress and fatigue on the hand. Moulded from quality PP, the barrel will withstand the bumps and knocks that come with being on the move, and the triangular design means that they won’t roll away when used in motion. Planes, trains, and automobiles – take your ideas anywhere! When you’re done, push the cap down until you hear an audible click. That’s the sound of the airtight seal locking into place, keeping your markers primed for the next time inspiration strikes.

Bonus Canvas Carry Case – Take creativity with you

All sets of 20 Strikers come with a specifically designed carry case for easy transport and storage. Manufactured from durable canvas, the carry case is easy to throw in your bag and allows you to keep track of your markers. The case also doubles as a convenient stand when in use, giving you easy access to your full Strikers arsenal at a moment’s notice.

Directions For Use For Best Results

    Works well with water based markers such as Ironlak Fineliners and Fibre-tip Pens
    For best results use with bleed proof, acid-free paper or card
    After use, replace lid tightly
    Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight
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