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JEBA‘s style lives and breathes Hip-Hop, from his chunky letters, B-Boy characters filled with attitude and vibrant colors, there’s no mistaking his style and influences. Currently from the UK, he’s been painting and sketching for over 20 years with no plans of slowing down!

Snug 1

Snug 1 was probably one of the first writers/ artists who’s conceptual work I could see in the flesh (outside of magazines). He brought a world to life that existed in his mind, and the execution was phenomenal; the choice in colours, immaculate linework, fades and choice of colours to this day is some of the most inspirational work for me. He brought a world to life piece by piece, creating an environment separate from the one that you were in.


A living legend who to me embodies London. He’s one of the few who you can look back at and say ‘Ye that’s London style, if I’ve got to learn it off anyone it’s him.’ The letters are just weighty and monstrous, crazy energy, and bananas fills. Needless to say when it comes to his characters they’re iconic, he developed on the classic BBoy to become his own. Rhythm is the most apparent thing when it comes to Zomby’s characters, and the shapes are built around that. His style has funk and swing!

Smash 137

I never actually understood Smash’s style until my early 20’s. One day I was flicking through his old blog, and then suddenly something clicked in my head, I saw it. Everything is rhythm: the forms he builds, the dance from one letter to the other and how they fit in and out of each other, and from there I could pretty much imagine how he uses his body to create a piece. This inspired me to start trying to use my entire arm swing and reach to move along a wall, attempt to feel and work with the surface and reevaluate the space I was occupying.


I don’t really know where to start with Miedo! When I first saw his compositions I was just blown away. He’s one of the writers I still look at today and think to myself “There’s more to do.” The graphic elements that run throughout his pieces are in the fills, the background, outlines, it all blows my mind. He’s a machine!


Towns’ entire development astounds me. He stands as one of the most inspirational writers of my time as he just continued to produce banging pieces. Everything from the weight, flow, and overall style I find pleasurable to look at.


Tone is another writer who took the Bboy character theme and put his own signature into the game. He developed his own rhythm with his characters and put his own tweak into the forms. There’s just enough information and details going on, they all just make sense and have an attitude.

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