023 Your Favourite Artists’ Favourite Artists: SENSAE

My name is Sensae or Sensa for short I’m from LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA. I started writing graffiti in my junior high school bathroom at surrounding areas in the seventh grade which was 1990 but I was basically just a kid that didn’t know anything about the culture except the Los Angeles gang cultures sense I grew up seeing it so much when I first noticed actual graffiti with style and color was about 1988 on the San Bernardino 10 east freeway “THE PANIC ZONE ” it had some really gnarly burners and characters by the generation ahead of mine. So when I left school in Los Angeles, and went to the San Gabriel Valley decided to start writing and linked up with a kid who actually how to draw cartoon characters so we would doodle with markers on walls without the room at gas stations parks and  school bathroom in 1993  myself and friends were from a bus writing  crew and would travel from downtown Los Angeles to the El Monte  bus station from I think 1991 through 1993 then when I switched schools again, I decided to change my name to Sensae in 1993 and reinvent myself, and try to get better about 1997 I did my first actual piece and was horrible my throw ups n bombing letters were a lot better but  I had became lazy because I had become obsessed with drinking it was a cheap high and basically ruined my drive for graffiti I did continue to do it but it was lazy and was always my last priority drinking ,getting high and women came before everything so in December of 2014 I got completely sober and got my mind right and started painting more seriously and no we are here in 2023 

  I don’t think I have a taste in graffiti. I like all  tagging ,straight letters ,fonts and burners . but personally myself, I prioritize and having good color schemes and making sure it’s really clean and tight I think  everyone should have a good hand style if they are able to bomb n piece if you started doing graffiti the right way you started with just writing your name and practice that until you were able to do some throws or straight letters and then you move on to burners in pieces a good piece to me is something that has style good color combination nice background color and looks crispy clean like sticker unless you’re going for one of those grimy looking styles.


Tyke from awr msk, dude had colors in the 90’s that no one out here had and his style was very original and still is on point!


His architectural pieces influenced my newer style most definitely.


Sky High from London for his layouts and his colors are great.


Not sure where he is exactly from but he is good!


Revok is the definition of a jack of all trades graffiti writer.

Follow SENSAE on instagram @sensaegram

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