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I am MIEDO 12 member of Bn crew mainly. I also belong to Vogans cru, TOY-FANS CRU and ONLYSEPIA CRU.
I started in 1998 without stopping until today, I paint because it is my passion, it makes me improve myself, it takes away my stress, it gives me unique experiences…. It is the engine of my life.

I am from Valencia, a coastal city in Spain, with a beach, lots of sun and high humidity. Today I look for 2 things in graffiti. The first improvement and the second living from it.
I am in love with wild-style although I love what I call Master pieces (piece, background, characters, on the same wall).
I always prioritize not repeating the sketch of letters. I try to have my style but have different shapes. I try to force myself to do strange color combinations and nowadays not use such saturated colors.

For me it is very valuable to paint directly on the wall, without using grids or photoshop tricks. Those things are not fun and in the end it looks like it was done on a computer.

The priority for me is to have fun painting, with friends or alone. Have fun, there are enough things to worry about to worry about something else.

For me a writer has to dominate everything. Letters, characters, bombing, Tag and backgrounds

#1 MODE2

For me there will never be any writer as good as him, towards everything and with very bad aerosols. For me the king of style in characters and some very personal letters.


My first sketch that I did on paper was copying a sketch of his. Clean in strokes, incredible style, control the backgrounds, textures and characters.

#3 CES

I always loved that style, it is the essence for me in letters.


For me a god with the fat cap. In addition to being an incredible person, it was incredible to paint with him. Stylish letters and characters that no one has been able to overcome.


Another amazing writer, now he’s pushing that chrome style a lot. But he does what he wants on a wall.

Follow MIEDO 12 on instagram @miedo12

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